This Suitcase-Sized Pressure Washer Was Designed to Clean Boats

Purchase the XTP spray system

If anyone knows how difficult it can be to clean a boat, it's the team at Trailside Performance. To overcome the limitations of conventional pressure washing equipment, the team created a device that makes it easy to provide hull washing services.

Rather than keeping the XTP spray system a secret, they patented this invention so that anyone can purchase it. Call 207-873-2366 in Winslow OR 207-368-2220 in Newport to find out if we have this innovative device in stock in Winslow and Newport, ME, and serving the surrounding areas.

Key features of the XTP spray system

The XTP spray system comes with...

  • A 1-gallon storage tank, so you can acid wash your boat
  • A 50-foot hose, so you can easily clean those hard-to-reach areas
  • Wheels and a retractable handle, so you can avoid carrying the equipment around
Washing the hull of your boat will be easier than ever when you have the right equipment for the job.
Contact our team in Winslow and Newport, ME, and serving the surrounding areas today to purchase the XTP spray system.

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